Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Pesach Stone

Dawning light, not yet spread, illuminates rock and tree and flower;
barely, but not clearly seen at this time-frozen, quiet hour.
Faint light whispers 'cross a scene where it had never gone nor lit.
Not since before time had name or face or place for it to fit,
Not since the hand of God's own mind cast elements, earth and human breath,
Not since that unique urge of God to create life which knew no death
had such a morning, silent-opened to a moment so profound,
upon a sight not seen by man, especially upon this ground.

Dew bent ray of rising sun on surface of that stone's cold mass

dances in an unknown tongue of energy which was sent to pass
through this boulder's center being, to its heart and core and more;
permeating it like water, in it, 'round it o'er and o'er.
Heavy, huge and hewn by God before time begun,
this ancient citizen of earth, never known nor seen as one
whose role would matter, existence count for much except to wear away
and join itself back to the dust God shaped it of on that first day.

This night turned morning, even now, appointed Stone of Destiny

is found, selected, gently moved; God's finger nudges tenderly.
Then earth as birthing forth its own, groans in tremors from the leaven
and as celestial hosts erupt in voice illuminating Heaven,
as Lucifer screams in defeat and Death, his only son... expires,
and as redemption, yet unseen, prepares to rescue from the fires
the sealing stone cracks ajar, slightly shifts and shuffle-rolls
away as hand of Christ does guide; its task complete, now silent, tolls.

Copyright (c) 2004, 2006 Gary Brown

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